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A great landscaping project starts with great supplies. At Landecks Landscaping, we use only the best local suppliers with the highest quality materials. This ensures that your project will look as good when it’s done as when you first envisioned it. We’ve included links to our suppliers’ websites where possible, so you can see for yourself the great quality of the materials they supply.



1. How much gravel base do you put under the patio?

Depending on how long the ground has been undisturbed, i.e. when the home was built and what the sub-soil is like the base can range between 6-10 inches. The base is made up of 3/4“ crusher-run and screenings and is machine compacted in layers.


2. Will I get weeds growing between the interlock joints?

Weeds do not grow from under the patio but yet from the surface, we use a special sand called polymeric that forms concrete between the cracks making it impossible for weeds to grow. Weeds may grow from the surface dirt that could build up on top of that polymeric sand joint. So once a year or once every two years just make sure that the patio is free from any dirt build up in the joints by hosing it out with some pressure.


3. Does the interlocking become slippery when wet?

Depending on what type of interlocking that you use there might be some that are, but interlocking is very porous therefore very traction-able and all of the types of interlocking that I have used proved to be very slip resistant.

4. What happens if I stain my patio?

No problem, most interlocking stones can be flipped and if that doesn’t work then they can easily be replaced at very little cost, just material.


5. Can I apply salt in the winter and will it affect the interlock stone?

Now this is where you have to make sure you’re getting a quality stone i.e., Permacon, Unilock and Oaks. These are manufacturers that have taken this into account and made sure that their products are unaffected by salt. This question really goes back to the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”